Have you felt out of place and not quite sure how you fit in with other women, what your gifts and strengths really are?  Have you ever wondered why you have a closet full of clothes that never seem quite right?  Have you been searching for peace and self acceptance for you - just the way you are? 

I'm so excited to share this special offer with you.  You can learn what Beauty Type you are for FREE.  Normally the Beauty Profiling course is $39.00 but now it's being offered for free.  Go here to learn all about Beauty Profiling.  I'm a type three and learning this about myself has been so freeing.  Accepting that I'm a rich, dynamic, edgy woman has made all the difference and has been a lot of FUN!  I think my secondary type is a one so having fun is also very important for me.  Go watch the video and see for yourself how amazing this information is.  Knowledge is power!
I hope you take advantage of this great offer and I promise you won't be disappointed that you did.  I'd love for you to share what you've learned once you watch the video, so come back and leave a comment about what you discovered about your Beauty Type.


03/13/2012 9:18am

Did you see that they are offering a friend's discount through the end of March? Only $99!

I actually just did the program for myself & am excited to go shopping!

03/13/2012 12:20pm

Yes, it's an amazing deal. I paid full price over two years ago for the course! You took the course?? What type are you? It's a lot of fun to start building your wardrobe with clothes and accessories that are honoring to your type of beauty. I'm excited for you!


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